Determining the Reasons Why There Is a Continuous Decreasing Number of Enrollees in the Political Science Course.

Topics: Political science, Politics, Political philosophy Pages: 20 (5678 words) Published: February 13, 2013
MSC is a state college funded by the national government and is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education, offering full degree courses in Education, Agriculture, Allied Medicine, Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, Criminal Justice Education, Engineering, Fisheries, Industrial Technology, Information and Computing Sciences, It's main campus is located at Boac while it has three campuses in Torrijos, Gasan and Santa Cruz Marinduque. Its vision is to become one of the premier colleges in the region, along the fields of instruction, research, extension and production. With the mission of providing quality, responsive, and dynamic leadership in the areas of Education, Technology, Engineering, Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries, Culture, Arts and Sciences to empower God fearing individuals who are innovators and protectors for the sustainable development of the province and the country as a whole. One of its campuses, MSC Santa Cruz offers Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. It is designed to provide students with a broad education in Political Science that prepares students for a wide range of career and employment opportunities. It is considered as the best preparation for a career in law, in government and politics, diplomatic service, and in non-governmental and international organizations. It provides students with formal training in the theoretical and empirical methods in the discipline of Political Science. Students, through their electives, may opt to further specialize in any of the core areas of International Relations, Local and Global Governance, Comparative Politics, Public Management and Political Theory. This study is designed to identify the reasons why students lost their interest in studying a course that is define to be social science dealing with political institutions and with the principles and conduct of government. Furthermore, it strives to identify the contributing factor that affects the continuous decreasing of enrolment of the said course in for the last 2 years.

Objectives of the Study
The study will focus on determining the reasons why there is a continuous decreasing number of enrollees in the Political Science Course. It will specifically focus on: 1. Determine the profile of the respondents according to:

A.) Age
B.) Gender
C.) Year Level
2. Find the factors that affect the decreasing number of enrollment in AB political Science. 3. Determine the effects of the decreasing number of enrollees to the Political Science Program. 4. Determine the effects of the decreasing number of enrollees of the Political Science Course to the MSC Community as a whole. Significance of the Study

This study attempts to determine the factors that affecting the continuous decreasing number of enrollees of Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science in MSC Santa Cruz Branch. The result of this study may help the school administration to provide new academic programs and policies to strengthen or increase the enrollment of Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science. Thus, MSC Santa Cruz Campus and administration may benefit from the study, for it will give ideas on how to develop and enhance the current curriculum for AB Political Science. This study may also help the institution to develop the commercial in the career program whenever they visit secondary schools in Marinduque.

Moreover, the results of this study may help parents be aware of the factors why students drop-out from these courses. It may also help parents improved their relationship when it comes to decision making on what course what course to take in college. Scope and Delimitation

Since the primary objective of this study is to cite factors that affect the continuous decreasing numbers of enrollees of AB Political Science course in MSC Santa Cruz Campus, this study...
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