Determining Percent of Water Crystallization and the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate

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  • Published : February 14, 2012
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Determining Percent of Water Crystallization and the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate Aim:
To determine the percent water of crystallization and the chemical formula of a hydrate Materials
* 400 ML beaker
* Glass rod
* 3 to 5 grams of hydrated copper (II) sulfate CuSO4 (crushed) * Bunsen burner
* Spatula
* Heating pad
* Clamp and stand
* Electronic balance
Refer to Lab sheet
1. The powder seems to be very bright and shiny before any heating 2. The blue powder are starting to lose some of its color and into a light gray to white color 3. At first, the blue powder adheres to the stirring rod, but after burning it for few minutes, it separates from the stirring rod. Data

Mass of Beaker/g (±0.01)
#1=49.08 and #2=27.34
Mass of Beaker with CuSO4/g ((±0.01)
#1=52.37 and #2=31.51
Mass of beaker with CuSO4 after heating/g (±0.01)
#1=51.20 and #2=30.13
Mass of CuSO4 before heating= Mass of Beaker with CuSO4 – Mass of Beaker Mass of CuSO4 after heating= Mass of beaker with CuSO4 after heating – Mass of beaker Difference in mass= Mass of CuSO4 before- Mass of CuSO4 after Mass of CuSO4 before heating/g (±0.02)

#1=3.31 and #2= 4.18
Mass of CuSO4 after heating/g (±0.02)
#1=2.14 and #2= 2.79
Difference in mass before and after/g (±0.04)
#1=1.17 and #2=1.39
In conclusion
Percent water of crystallization is calculate by (1.17/3.31)+(1.39/4.18) divided by 2 which equal to 0.34300051=34.3 percent The Formula of Hydrate is CuSO4 times 5H2O
Errors and Uncertainties
1. First of all, when I heating the hydrated copper sulphate, some of powder sticks on the glass-stirring rod. Therefore, I could not measure the exact weight since there was still a small amount of hydrate copper (II) Sulfate left on the stirring rod. 2. Second, I believe that there are major errors in measuring the weight of hydrate copper (II) Sulfate. Because there are many students walking in the classroom, the floor was...
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