Determining Levels of Prevention

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Determining Levels of Prevention
Jessica Beverly
July 20, 2011
Laneisha Searles

In scenario one: Violence Prevention in a High-Risk Community, I believe that the prevention strategy was the Primary Prevention strategy. I choose this strategy because the primary prevention “involves building the strengths, resources, and competence in individuals, families, and communities that can reduce the flow of a variety of unfortunate outcomes.” (Human Services in Contemporary America, page 309). I believe that this strategy was very effective because it allowed the organization to be prepared for situations such as the one that took place. It gave both the clients and the workers a plan to keep them safe as well has have the authorities on call to help remove any one that tries to hinder or hurt a person that is coming to the organization for assistance.

In the second scenario, Closure of a Planned Parenthood Clinic, I believe that the prevention strategy was the Secondary Prevention. I choose this strategy because the scenario is talking about the high pregnancy rate and the community Planned Parenthood Clinic is closing down. Closing down the clinic would cause the teens in the county to not have access to help that would prevent them for getting pregnant. The Secondary Prevention involves “diagnosis and treatment in an attempt to “nip the problem in the bud,” or at least to shorten the duration of the problem.” (Human Services in Contemporary America, page 309). I think that this is a short term solution that helps to give the teens a least a little help, this is better than not having any help at all.

In the last scenario, I believe that the prevention strategy used was the Tertiary Prevention strategy. This scenario discusses many of the problems that someone would face if you were a manager at a community mental health center. Many of the issues that homeless people face are very serious ones, such as lack of medical care, sanitary facilities,...
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