Determining and Comparing Saudi Arabian Health Insurance Plan to Western Schemes

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Determining and Comparing Saudi Arabian Health Insurance Plan to Western Schemes


List of Tables. 4
List of Diagrams. 4
Abstract 5
Introduction 6
Part One: Saudi Arabia Overview and Currant Situation of Health care and health Insurance Provision. 1. General Profile of Saudi Arabia. 9
2. The Need for Health Care in Saudi Arabia. 9
3. Health Care System in Saudi Arabia. 10
4. Health Insurance Provision in Saudi Arabia. 12
Part Two: Future Trend of Saudi Arabian Health Insurance Provision. 1. Health Insurance Growth in Saudi Arabia. 18
2. Future Plan for Health Insurance Scheme in Saudi Arabia. 18 Part Three: Comparing and Analysing the Health Insurance Schemes within Western Countries to Saudi Arabian Scheme. 1. The United Kingdom Health Care Provision and Private Medical Insurance. 21   1. National Health Service System. 21

  2. The UK Private Medical Insurance 23
1. The United States of America Health Care Provision and Health Insurance. 26   1. Health Care System in USA. 26
  2. The USA Private Health Insurance. 27
2. Australian Health Care System and Private Health Insurance Provision. 30   1. Australian Health Care System. 30
  2. Australian Private Health Insurance Scheme. 31
3. Compression and Analysis: Saudi Arabia, UK, USA and Australia. 34   1. Beneficiaries: Saudi Arabia vs. UK. 40
  2. Financiers: Saudi Arabia vs. Australia. 41
  3. Regulator: Saudi Arabia vs. UK. 43
  4. Providers: Saudi Arabia vs. USA. 44
  5. Government: Saudi Arabia vs. Australia. 45
4. Research Findings and Key Learning. 48
  1. Key Findings of Compression. 48
  2. Key Learning by Saudi Arabia from Western Health Insurance Provision. 49 Conclusion. 51
Bibliography. 52

List of Tables
Table No.1: Saudi Arabian Health Insurance Provision Analysis. 34 Table No.2: United Kingdom Private Medical Insurance Provision Analysis. 35 Table No.3: USA Health Insurance Provision Analysis. 37

Table No.4: Australian Private Health Insurance Provision Analysis. 38

List of Diagrams
Figure No.1: Saudi Arabian Health Insurance Provision Mechanism. 14 Figure No.2: The Organisation of National Health Service in UK, 1982-1990. 22 Figure No.3: UK Private Medical Insurance Mechanism. 24

Figure No.4: USA Private Health Insurance Mechanism. 29
Figure No.5: Australia Private Health Insurance Mechanism. 32

Currently, health care in Saudi Arabia is subjected to major amendments in term of regulations and procedures to provide superior health care services to all people living in Saudi Arabia. On the other side, private health insurance system has been recently introduced providing health care coverage for all expatriates and their families in its first stage of implementation and then for Saudis who work in private sector as initiative second stage. The research is seeking to demonstrate how health care is being financed in Saudi Arabia and explain currant and future plan of health insurance scheme in respect of applications and regulations and then compare it to health insurance scheme in the UK, the USA and Australia. The aim of this paper is to provide apparent view of health insurance scheme in Saudi Arabia compared conversely to western schemes in order point out key learning to develop present health insurance scheme and to set a base reference for further study leading to improve health insurance scheme in Saudi Arabia. The key question of the research is pointed out to provide a clear vision of what this research is about in   what lessons could be learned by Saudi Arabia from strategic analysis of western health insurance implementations? That leads to some questions related to funding health care, regulations and legislations of health insurance implementing and practicing and future trend of health insurance scheme. At the end of the research we found that Saudi Arabian health insurance provision is experiencing some difficulties in regulating private...
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