Determination of Moisture Content

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Experiment no. 1

Determination of moisture content (standard method - oven drying method)

1.0 Introduction
Every type of soil has its own percentage of moisture content. The void in soil content water and air. The moisture content may varies for each types of soil. Different type of soil has different moisture content. Moisture content of soil also may be affected by the climate where the high humidity country tend to have higher moisture content in soil. Size or structure of the soil particles also affecting the moisture content. The properties of the soil to retain water also one of the factors affecting moisture content in soil.

The way to determine this moisture content is to conduct a moisture content experiment by oven drying the soil. There is other way to determine the moisture in soil such as using the soil moisture sensor. This method is easier and faster. Whatever the method is, the moisture content still can be measured with accuracy.

2.0 Objective
Determine the moisture content of the soil sample.

3.0 Apparatus
1. A thermostatically controlled oven set at a temperature of 105-110 °C. 2. Sample tins
3. Balance readable and accurate to 0.01 g
4. A scoop
Photo 1- Oven| Photo 2- Sample Tin|
Photo 3- Balance| Photo 4- Scoop|

4.0 Procedures
1. The empty tins was labeled, weigh and the data was recorded into the data sheet. 2. 3 soil samples was taken.
3. Each sample was placed into each tins.
4. Each tins with the soil sample was being weigh and data was recorded into the data sheet. 5. The tins with the soil sample were put into the oven with 110 °C for about 16-24hours. 6. After 16-24hours, the tins with the dry soil sample were weigh and the data was recorded into the data sheet.

4.1 Photo of the procedure
Photo 5 - sample tin is labeled| Photo 6- sample...
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