Determination of Density

Topics: Volume, Density, Kilogram Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Lab #2 Determination of Density
Britney Williams
Chemistry 121
Dr. Yu

Purpose: To determine the densities of aluminum and zinc cylinders Density is the relationship between the mass of an object and its volume. Sometimes density can be easy to sense. If two objects have exactly the same shape and size, the denser one may feel heavier. If their densities are close together, it can be hard to tell the difference. It gets really tough if you are dealing with materials that have very different sizes or very different shapes. The only way to decide the density of an object is to measure its mass and its volume, then divide. Ex. Density= Mass/Volume Procedure:

For Aluminum:
1. Weigh the aluminum cylinders individually on the analytical balance to the nearest 0.0001g and record the weights 2. With a vernier caliper, measure the diameter of each cylinder to the nearest 0.01cm and record 3. Again, using the vernier caliper, measure the length of each cylinder to the nearest 0.01cm and record 4. Compute the volume of each cylinder by using the formula V= (3.14d2h)/4 For Zinc:

1. Weigh the zinc cylinders individually on the top loading balance to the nearest 0.01g, and record the weights 2. Place enough water in a 100mL graduated cylinder to cover the object. Record the volume of water to the nearest 0.1mL by reading the bottom of the meniscus 3. Place the zinc cylinder in the graduated cylinder. Read the new volume and determine the volume for each piece of zinc

Density of Zinc
Mass#1 104.0168gVolume#1 18mLDensity#1 5.7780g/cm3
Mass#2 92.8178gVolume#2 15mLDensity#2 6.1876g/cm3
Mass#3 72.2115gVolume#3 10mLDensity#3 7.2215g/cm3
Mass#4 55.3077gVolume#4 9mLDensity#4 6.1453g/cm3
Mass#5 35.2653gVolume#5 7mLDensity#5 5.0379g/cm3
Average Density 6.079g/cm3
Density of Aluminum
Mass#1 26.48gVolume#1 6.28mLDensity#1 4.22g/cm3
Mass#2 21.50gVolume#2 5.01mLDensity#2...
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