Determination of Blood Type

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Determination of blood type
A blood type is a classification of blood based on the present or absence of inherited antigens substances on the surface of RBCs, these antigens are made by proteins, carbohydrates, and glycolipid, Now there are total of 8 blood type known for the international society of blood transfers ( ISBT), Also 600 antigens are known for ISBT, Antigens are a type of protein (Y shaped) found in blood and it has a great role in the immune system to recognize any foreign body in the blood. Goal of the experiment:

Determination of blood type for anyone
Slide, Cotton swap, Anti-body a, Anti -body b, Anti-body d, Lancet, And a tooth pick Steps:
1-First prepare the slide to put a three blood drops on it
2-Then we use the lancet to get some after that we put 3 drop of blood on the slide 3-After that we mix every blood drop with only one kind of antigens serum we have already 4- Then after using the tooth pick to mix the blood drops with an antigen serum, we wait for a few seconds 5-After few seconds, A sandy type bodies will be observed in some blood types, but in some kinds of blood nothing will be observed, these sandy bodies are known as ( aggulation ) which will decide what is your blood type 6-My own blood type was O-

After using the previous steps on many kinds of blood we will notice that: There are 8 types of blood known for us these types are : AB+,AB-,A+,A-,B+,B-,O+,O- So what caused the aggulation ?
It is the reaction between anti-bodies and antigens of the blood, for example if anti-body a met an antigen A in a blood type, it would cause a reaction called aggualation, So we will never found a type blood that has both of anti-body a and antigen A

Every kind of blood has its own antigens and its own antibodies: AntibodiesAntigensBlood type

It is really important to know the antigens and the antibodies of any blood type for blood...
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