Determinants of Attitude Towards Immigration

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Applied Research Project and Report
Applications for Economics & Management Course

Determinants of attitude towards immigrants in France

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Using data from the European Social Survey, we investigate the determinants of the attitude towards immigrants in France. We focus on the impact of education, the general level of confidence of individuals, the perception of safety, the familiar background and age of the respondents. In addition to the expected finding that education is positively associated with an accepting behaviour towards foreigners[Jan Brenner and Michael Fertig], the estimated results also indicate that parent’s scholastic attainments do not influence the attitude children on the topic of immigration. Level of trust, instead, generate a positive attitude with trust towards institutions making people more accepting that the trust towards other people. Additionally, the perception of safety has a causes xenophobia: people who do not feel safe are the more likely to discriminate against immigrants and link their presence to the alarming level of crime. Lastly, we were surprised to discover that the economy does not affect attitude towards immigrants which seems to undermine the general belief that people see immigrants positively during economic booms as additional labour force and negatively during economic downturns. 2. INTRODUCTION

France has too many immigrants and it’s not integrating them properly.
Nicolas Sarkozy, former Prime...
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