Deterioration in Interpersonal Communication

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Relationship deterioration is a weakening of the bonds that hold people together. This deterioration may be gradual of sudden and when a relationship breaks up it is usually the more attractive person who leaves. Here are some common causes of relationship deterioration as described by the book: Poor Communication: Clearly inadequate communication is one of the causes of a relationship breakdown. Communication that is excessively critical or unsupportive or disconfirming will create dissatisfaction that can easily lead to a breakdown of friendship, love, or family relationships. Third-party relationships: People establish and maintain relationships to maximize their pleasure and minimize their pain. When these goals cease to me met, the relationship stands little chance for survival. Relationship changes: The development of incompatible attitudes, vastly different intellectual interests and abilities, or major goal changes may contribute to relationship deterioration. Such as a person who develops an addiction. Sex- and work-related problems: In romantic relationships, sexual problems cause great difficulties and rank among the top three problems in almost all studies of relationships. Financial Difficulties: Money is a major taboo topic for couples beginning a relationship yet it often proves to be a cause of major problems as people settle into their relationship. Beliefs about relationships: If you and your partner have similar beliefs about relationships and these beliefs are realistic then your relationship is likely to be strengthened. However if you and your partner hold vastly different beliefs than your relationship is likely to suffer.

The effects of deterioration on a relationship can be devastating. You may place blame on yourself where faults or wrongs are concerned. Withdrawal is another aspect of relationship deterioration. This withdrawal can be verbal; you may decrease your desire to talk and especially to listen; or nonverbal, telling someone...
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