Detergent Market Study

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Surapong Surawanthanakul

SIU PS: SOM-MBA-2006-13


A Project Presented


Surapong Surawanthanakul

Master of Business Administration in Management
School of Management
Shinawatra University

June 2007

Copyright of Shinawatra University

I would like to thank many people have greatly supported and provide enormous assistance to the completion of my project study. I would like to faithfully acknowledge my advisor, Dr. Charnchai Bunchapatanasakda. He is my main reason for study at here. This study would not be able to be successfully completed without Dr. Charnchai’s kindness for valuable advices. His experiences, expertise, professional guidance, and encouragement and any necessary inspirations received from him had brought me out to the confidences and strong attempt and willingness to commit myself to the research.

I would like to express my thankful faithfulness to all MBA professors for teaching me in all courses and for additional useful and supportive advices and recommendations and suggestions, especially Asst. Prof. Dr. Pacapol Anurit, who has given advices, knowledge, and so on since start until now and also future. He ready to give knowledge to me and never tried to do.

I, moreover, would like to thank all of Shinawatra University staffs for helping and suggestion in courses and also providing all possible conveniences and good coordinative management and assistances during the academic years in the university. Furthermore, my all colleagues, who had given me a very truly strong friendship, encouragement and shared experiences and activities throughout the times we have spent on studies, thank all of you.

Finally, I am not able to study in this course, if I lack of encouragement from my family whether Mr. Anan, Mrs. Wanna, and Ms. Varanya, my parents and my spouse who had continuously and fully always and encouraged me in every time, especially, Mr. Therapath and Ms. Vasachol, my children, who are my inspiration and encouragement


This study was to investigate the consumer perception and attitude toward a new liquid dishwashing product to be introduced into the market. The objectives of the study are to identify target customers and obtained data and information for creating marketing strategy plan.

Pretest-posttest of the sample product, depth

interview and survey questionnaires were used to obtain information including product features, consumers’ value, attitude, and perception of the new product. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistic, financial analyzes, and were test relations using Chi-square & regressions.

The findings stated that three groups of consumers with different usage experience including the first group; consumers who used to try new brands and switched to the new ones, second, the consumers who used to try new brands but still used their previous brands, and last group were the consumers who never tried any new brands, had similar perceptions in selecting, expression, and purchasing of liquid dishwashing products. The findings also stated that the target consumer of the new brand were female, income level around 10,000 baht a month, living in houses or townhouse. They perceived information about liquid dishwashing products from television advertisements. The consumers preferred to purchase the refill package, 1-2 packs a month from discount stores including Carrefour, Tesco, Lotus, Big-C and Tops supermarket respectively, Product’s quality was their first concern before purchasing liquid dishwashing products followed by price and store locations. Discount price was the most influence factor could make them switching to the new brands and up to 66 percent of them were willing to try the new brand. The results from financial analysis stated that there was positive results and opportunity to...
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