Detection of Salmonella Spp. on Dressed Chickens and Its Response to Selected Plant Extracts

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Chapter 1


1. Background of the study

With the alarming increase of health threatening diseases caused by microbial organisms in the world, Philippines is one of the countries that has a rapid spread of different systematic bacterial diseases. Number of victims near Manila has risen to 1,447 as of February 2008 (Entis, 2008). Some of these contaminations are caused by Salmonella spp., a member of the family Enterobacteriacea, a fairly common cause of food poisoning (Burton and Engelkirk, 2004).

Early detection of the presence of Salmonella in food products is determined to protect the consumers from contaminated products that may lead to food poisoning. There is really a need to rapidly detect microbes to maintain food safety (Ramirez, 2000).

Poultry farms are considered as the most feasible breeding area for Salmonella bacteria (Food Standards Australia New Zealand [FSANZ], 2005). It was also stressed that Salmonella and Campylobacter are evaluated to be high in number with poultry farms. However, levels of Salmonella on poultry increases during transport from farm to processing plants.

Philippines, an agricultural country having a thousand agricultural activities around its regions, is highly triggered with Salmonella outbreak. Meat processing is one source of agricultural products that the country depends on in terms of meat consumption. As of 2005, there were four accredited meat processing plants acknowledged by the National Meat Inspection Service here in Davao.

In this concern, the study aims to detect the presence of Salmonella on the most consumed dressed chicken in Davao City and record the biological activities of selected plant extracts in the isolate.

2. Statement of the Problem

The study aims to detect the presence of Salmonella spp. from dressed chicken and determine its response to selected plant extracts.

Specifically, the study search for the answers to the following questions:

1.) Is there a presence of Salmonella spp. in the dressed chickens?
2.) What is the mean zone of inhibition of Salmonella spp. exposed to different

1.3 Conceptual Framework

Figure1. Paradigm of the relationships between variables

1.4 Significance of the Study

It is very essential to evaluate the presence of deadly disease-causing microorganism Salmonella. The results of the evaluation would inform the different meat processing plants in Davao City whether the dressed chickens that they are producing contain Salmonella or not. Detecting Salmonella on dressed chickens early on protects consumers from contaminated dressed chickens and an outbreak of food poisoning.

Finding an effective extract that would control the activity of Salmonella on dressed chickens is really relevant. Thus, controlling the activity of Salmonella would result to lesser cases of food poisoning n the community.

1.5 Scope and Limitations

The study was conducted from July 28 to September 19, 2008 in the Biology Laboratory of Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School, Matina, Davao City. There were five different brands of one whole dressed chicken studied: Brand A, Brand B, Brand C, Brand D, and Brand E (names hidden to protect company’s reputation). Three plant extracts (cinnamon, orange and horse radish) were used to control Salmonella growth.

1.6 Definition of Terms

Salmonella- a bacteria that causes food poisoning due to the improper handling of foods. In this investigation the evaluation focused on its presence in dressed chickens. Soon after, it will be controlled by utilizing selected plant extracts.

Dressed Chicken- speculated to be a carrier of Salmonella bacteria. It was the subject evaluated in this study.

Amoxicillin- an antibiotic used to cure bacterial infections caused by sensitive...
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