Detecting Plagiarism

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, University Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Detecting Plagiarism

Chris Gibbs

Learning in an Info Age

Kara Moreu

From using the Plagiarism Checker with a plagiarized paper, I see how this tool is helpful to students. The Similarity Index gave the paper I submitted a score of 100 percent plagiarized match to an Internet source. Having this tool at our disposal gives us the assurance that as long as we check our papers with this tool, we will have plagiarism free papers to submit. This is very important requirement for academic integrity among college students to ensure they are not subject to committing this offense. Academic integrity has become a big issue for a lot of student, especially those attending online. In order to plagiarize yourself, you are trying to use or submit material that is not your own thoughts or feelings. It is work that you have stolen or taken from another, and is frowned upon severely by the University of Phoenix and others as well. Students that copy or submit someone else’s work are fooling themselves. This behavior robs them of the education they are paying for. Other types of academic misconduct would include cheating of any kind and or having another complete your work for you also. When an instructor receives a plagiarized paper, it is their job as an educator to alert the student of the infraction at hand. There is usually a warning for first time offenses. Second time offenses come with a different consequence. There may be a plagiarism acknowledgement paper that will need to be signed by the student to verify that he or she was notified of said warning. If a student is thick enough to plagiarize themselves a third time, then they really should know that the consequences are severe and involve expulsion from the university.
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