Detecting Media Bias

Topics: Critical thinking, Illinois, Perspective Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Midwest states continue to fight record flooding
Article by: Michael Mello

This article starts out by saying that even after months of drought, parts of the Midwest continue to fight off flooding from the rising rivers that are not expected to crest for a few more days. National Weather Center forecasters expect the flooding to continue throughout the week. It goes on to say that Illinois governor Pat Quinn has declared 48 counties in that state as disaster areas. Although the water is receding in some places, it is still rising in other areas. The article states that near St. Louis, the swollen Mississippi River caused more than 100 barges to break loose from their moorings. Although the news story was clear and accurate, it did not really go into detail how the flooding has affected the people in the areas that were hit. It could have provided more detail than what it did. There were no facts that were ignored, just the fact that the story did not go into very much detail at all. It is important to make distinctions when making a critical evaluation of a news story so that you are able to make a clear and unbiased choice of whether you can believe it or not. You will be able to distinguish whether the story is credible or not. The article that I read seemed credible and relevant, but it seemed like it was giving only a brief overview of the flooding problems in the Midwest. The story did not consider any alternative perspectives or any other worldviews. The author could have wrote about how the people affected by the flood felt about the situation or talked about how people from around the nation felt about the flooding since a lot of the crops come from farmland in the Midwest. There were not really any questionable assumptions that the author talked about in the story. The author stated factual information, he just did not go into very much detail. There were no implications ignored while others were emphasized. The author did not show any...
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