Detecting Media Bias

Topics: Critical thinking, Small business, Business Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: January 26, 2013
The news story I chose is from the Miami Herald “ From students to start-ups: Local college grads open businesses.” This article is about young college graduates that are starting to work on opening their own small business. It talks about two graduate students from University of Miami, Catherine O’Sullivan and her boyfriend Michael Galea who began their own workshop on making toys out of bamboo. They began this because Sullivan wanted to make a wooden rocket toy for her cousin that was expecting her first baby. She explains how she never would of thought that by making that little toy she will begin her small business. I think that the article was very clear in explaining and well in details of what they were talking about. I understood it the first time I read it so it shows it was well written and all the information was provided. I think all the facts about this article were reported but I do think some were ignored because this article only showed and explain how some college graduates are starting their business and succeeding and they didn’t say or mentioned anything about anyone starting their own business and not being able to succeed for any reason. The article didn’t include any alternative perspective because it just described how few college graduates are pursuing their careers by beginning their own small business. Any questionable assumptions in this article, I really didn’t find any, I just read how also other student sat FIU where also starting small businesses and how this one student Drake Kurlander a graduate in environmental studies started his own business by landscaping and he explains that everywhere he goes he is always promoting his business even at meetings and events. He just says that the whole business area is a whole other level of experience. In this article I didn’t find any implications being ignored. It was more of a positive article displaying how our generations of graduates are being able to begin their business. It is...
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