Detecting Media Bias

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  • Published : June 15, 2012
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Detecting Media Bias
The 2012 presidential campaign is the headlines of the news today. The economy is the biggest issue America is facing and the people want to know who would be the best candidate for the job. Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, is very close in the race with President Obama. CNN Polling Director Keating Holland stated, “Which candidate better understand how the economy works? That’s a tie as well- 45% pick Obama, 45% choose Romney.”

The news report, “Poll: Obama-Romney race tied; Obama supporters appear more energized”, is clear and accurate. It goes into sufficient depth and breadth, because it talks not only about the presidential race, but America’s number one issue – the economy. It is clear that all of the facts have been reported because a national poll was conducted and a CNN/ORC International survey. A CNN poll was executed from May 29 – 31, with 1,009 adults nationwide, were questioned on economic and unemployment issues. CNN’s poll concluded that the economy is the number one issue, and the nation’s unemployment level is rising. However, the CNN/ORC International survey stated that one in five of the people that were question say that neither candidate can fix the economy. Also, the survey declared that one in five says the economy will recover regardless of who wins the presidential campaign. This report did not go into any alternative perspective and worldviews because it is based on factual numbers rather than others opinions. Is President Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney the better candidate for economic issue, is a questionable assumption that was implicated in the report. The report mainly focuses on what Americans will vote for, based on several questions pertaining the economy, and experience level. It is important for a critical thinker to make one’s own distinctions because an individual has to think for themselves rather than believing everything they see or hear. In conclusion, the news report has facts...
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