Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman’s Web quest
By: Kaila Craig

Describe Harriet Tubman’s childhood. What was one of her jobs as a child? How did she get a scar on her head?
Harriet Tubman’s job as a child was a nursemaid for a small baby. She got the scar on her head when she refused to punish another slave. The overseer, while whipping the slave, accidentally hit Harriet with a heavy iron weight. She was unconscious for days.

Describe Harriet Tubman’s escape. Why did she flee? Who helped her? Where did she go? Harriet fled because she feared that she would be sold to the south. She was given a paper with two white people names and how to find her freedom. At the first house she was covered up in a wagon and taken to Philadelphia, where she settled for a while, before relocating to Canada.

What were some of the reasons that Harriet Tubman’s rescues were so successful? How did she discourage slaves who wanted to turn back? Harriet’s rescues were so successful because she devised clever techniques such as using the master’s horse and buggy. She would carry a gun and threaten fugitives who wanted to turn back and told them “You’ll be free or die”

After the Civil War, how did Harriet Tubman continue to fight for justice and help those in need?
Harriet transformed her family's home into the Home for Aged and Indigent Colored People. Also she campaigned for education for freedman. She also became a she was a delegate to the National Association of Colored Women's in 1896.

What are some different ways that Harriet Tubman has been honored? Describe another way people could honor her memory.
She was buried in Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn with military honors. She received man honors such as Liberty Ship Harriet Tubman. A large bronze plaque honored her at the Cayuga County Courthouse, and a civic holiday declared in her honor. Freedom Park became a tribute to Harriet Tubman and she was put on a federal stamp.

Read the August 29, 1868 letter to Harriet from her friend,...
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