Detailed Lesson Plan in Math

Topics: Elementary algebra, Cartesian product, Cartesian coordinate system Pages: 4 (763 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics IV
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1. Identify linear equation in two variables.
2. Solve and graph linear equation in two linear variables
3..Present solutions with accuracy and precision in ones work. II.Subject matter
Topic: Linear equations in two variables and its graph
Reference: Elementary Algebra by Julieta G. Bernabe pages 147-149. Intermediate Algebra II by Soledad Jose-Dila, Ed.D and Julieta G. Bernabe pages 5-6. Mathematics II (Concepts, Structures and Methods for High School) by Orlando A. Oronce, Gil Nonato Santos, Marie I. On Pages 167-174.

Materials: Illustrative visual Aids
III. Procedure
A. Preparation
Daily Routine
Checking of Attendance
Checking of the Cleanliness of the Class Room
B. Review
Before we proceed to our next topic let us first have a review about our previous lesson. So, what was our previous lesson all about? What can you say about plotting points?
How many quadrants are there in the Cartesian Coordinate Plane? Without plotting, state the quadrant on which each point lies? 1. (3,5)
2. (-1,-2)
3. (-6,3)
4. (-4,-3)
C. Motivation
I have two balls with me,. The red ball is for the girls and the white ball is for the boys. I will play a song entitled Shembot. While music is playing, you will pass the ball to one in your right side. When the music stops you stop passing the ball. The one who holds the ball will be the one to answer the question. Using the graph and the given ordered pairs decodes missing words.

1. (-4,4)
2. (1,-8)
3. (2,-3)
4. (5,60
5. (-1,-1)
6. (2,2)
7. (-4,-5)
8. (10,-1)
Did you enjoy the game?
What was the statement formed?
Exactly! Linear Equation is our topic for the day.
D. Presentation
An equation may contain one or more variables. In our past lesson, we have studied linear equations in one variable. We learned to find the solutions to...
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