Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade 6

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  • Published: April 22, 2013
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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Biology
I . Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to :
1. distinguish cellular structures;
2. distinguish the functions of each structures;
3. familiarize what the cell looks like and
4. compare the factory to a cell

II . Topic: Cellular structures and functions

Skill: describing, explaining, illustrating
Materials: pictures, photocopied materials and video clip (cell biology) References:
Aquino, Jesunino R. et. al, Biology II. St. Augustine Publication Inc. •Capco, Carmelita M. Et. al, Biology Textbook, Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. •Biology Sci. And Technology Textbook for second year, Book Press Inc. •Olivares, Maria et. al, Science and Technology for the Modern Worl Diwa Scholastic Press •Villamil, Aurora M. Sciance and Technology, Phoenix Publishing House •
III. Learning Activity
A. Motivation
Picture Analysis:
I will divide the class into group, five members each. Assign a recorder You are going to do this in five(5) minutes.

Show them the different pictures of cell tissues and some parts of cells ( e. g. Ribosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes ).

Allow them to examine the pictures carefully and choose among them is the cell. But before the student give their answers, let them first read the situation below:

B . Presentation

Situation Analysis :
Larry works in a forensic laboratory. His boss James instructed him to get a cell sample from the child victim that has run over by a truck. Which of the following is the cell that Larry should send to James? Teachers ActivityStudent’s Activity From the pictures i have given you, Student will select from the given choose what James should get from the child pictures of tissues, organs, parts of a cell victim.and cell. (5)minutes.

After hearing the student answers,
let them explain...
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