Detailed Lesson Plan in English Iii

Topics: Question, Protagonist, A Story Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: December 16, 2012
c. Presentation of the LessonVery good! As I can see every one of youhas your own perspective when it comes tolove. Now, let us move on to our real topic for today which I assumed I asked you to readyesterday?Great! That would help us to have a gooddiscussion for today.Before that, let me present our learningobjectives. Who wants to read?Thank you! Now, I know that all of you hadalready read and understand a story, i willshow you a short video presentation aboutWilliam Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily.But before that, I want you to remember that this video is actually an interpretationvideo and I hope with this, you canunderstand the story better.Yes ma’amAt the end of the discussion, thestudents are expected and understand the short storyentitled “A Rose for Emily” byWilliam Faulkner;5.identify the psychological crisis of the main character and;6.create your own quotation based onhow you understand the selection.Yes Ma’am

d. Comparison and AbstractionDid you enjoy watching the short video? Now I hope you can answer our points to ponder ( will present the questions and let thestudents to answer it )Very good! I am glad to know that youunderstand the story.Yes Ma’ame. GeneralizationSo as wrapping up, who can give the shortsummary of the story?Impressive!( A student will give her summary of thestory )f. ApplicationAs a follow up of our discussion, I wouldlike you to get a piece of paper and followthe instructions I will flash on the screenIs the instruction understood?Very good! I will give you 10 minutes tofinish the activity.Yes Ma’amg. Evaluation

Are you done?Okay, I will collect your work and I willask each one of you tomorrow to presentyour work Yes ma’am
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