Detailed Lesson Plan in English 3

Topics: Adjective, Noun, Pronoun Pages: 4 (638 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Detailed Lesson Plan in English
Grade 3
At the end of the sixty minute session each pupil learns to Use Adjectives in describing persons, places, ideas and events. 2. SUBJECT MATTER
2.1. Chapter IV: Adjectives
2.2. Lesson One: Recognizing Adjectives
Lesson Two: Descriptive and Limiting Adjective
2.3. Concept: Appreciation of beautiful scenery of the Philippines 2.4. Materials
2.4.1. Video Presentation and Powerpoint Presentation 2.4.2. K to 12 Curriculum Guide page 4
2.4.3. Reaching New Heights Through Language 3 page 189-203 3. PROCEDURE
3.1 Daily Activities

Teacher’s ActivityStudent’s Activity
3.1.1. Prayer/Greeting
3.1.2. Checking of Attendance
Leader in row 1 who is absent?Student will answer
Leader in row 2 who is absent?Student will answer 3.1.3 Checking of Assignment
Pass your assignment # 4Student will pass their assignment 3.1.4 Drill
Everybody, get your show me cards, we’ll
have a spelling activityStudents will bring out their show me card Spell the following words.
1. ENTHUSIASM Students will show their answer
2. Individual
5. Guidelines

3.2. Preparatory Activities
3.2.1 Review
Let’s have a review of our previous lesson.Student will answer Identify the Verbs in each sentence.
1. Letty enjoys writing for the school paper.
2. The visitor wants to have new friends 3. The audience was quiet when the
concert began.
3.2.2. Motivation
Video presentation about Adjectives.Student will watch the video...
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