Detailed Lesson Plan

Topics: Philippines, Time, Future Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: February 16, 2013
“A worth movie to watch…a worth thing to remember…and a worth persons to be proud of”

“Batang Rizal” is a play performed by a few
chosen Philippine Educational Theater Associated
members whom portrayed each roles so well and
convincing. It is a story that depicts the magical
journey of “Pepito”, a high schooled at the present
year, 2013, to the time of “Pepe”, who specifically
referred as “Batang Rizal” himself. With the Magical
Book, Pepito went back to the time with Pepe and
able to see the: 1 The Termination of the three
Martyr Friars – Gomez, Burgos and Gomburza.,
2 the Capture of his Mother “Dona Lolay” who
was misaccused of poisoning her brother. Pepe also
had the chance to see the present world. He had
known that his name became big and that He was considered to be the Philippines’ National Hero. However, he knew that he is going to die and did not want to go back to the past to change what was happened. He realized, after that, he must go back…to her mother as well as his siblings, and especially, to Calamba where he really belongs.

Oh, History! Am sure that it will be just like other plays… that bores me. That was what I first thought. But, as the plays starts, I was wrong. It was fun…really, really fun and I am sorry for judging it prior to watching it fully. Actors were great in their roles, the storyline was polished well and the language they used was easy and popular like “Weeh”, “Loser” and the like that made the audience be hyped. I was laughing the whole time except, of course, with the scene that expresses loneliness like “the scene between Pepe and his mother in the prison” and “when Pepe was shocked and almost break down when he knew he was going to be shut in Bagumbayan.” There, I cried and I had goosebumps. I don’t know why! Maybe because, I know that I will also feel the same way when my mother will be imprisoned and I will die in a way like that. Even though, it is really a worth movie to watch…a worth...
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