Detail the Roles and Responsibilities of National and Local Government for Education Policy and Practice

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Learning Outcome 6:

Detail the roles and responsibilities of national and local government for education policy and practice.

At the national level the Government sets their policies for how they will seek to develop and deliver, and change the strategic direction of, education in this country. The Government enacts legislation that applies to or effects eduction (for example, the Education Act 2011).

The Department for Education, formed on 12 May 2010, is responsible for education and children's services. It provides clear and authoritative guidance and advice at the national level:

Statutory Guidance: Guidance on powers and duties for local government, schools, and those working in the teaching profession. Some guidance imposes an obligation that must be followed without exception, whilst most guidance is to be followed in the way described unless there is a good reason not to.

Departmental Advice: Examples and specific cases to help recipients to understand complex or wide-ranging statutory guidance, or to advise on other powers, duties and provisions that are not set out in statute but must still be followed (for example, under law).

Supplementary Content: A wide range of information or helpful advice about optional subjects (for example, best practice).

The Teaching Agency (formed 1st April 2012) is a new executive agency of the Department for Education with responsibility for ensuring the supply of high-quality teachers and training and for teacher regulation, the agency delivers policy for teachers and instructors; those working in Early Years; classroom-based school support staff; special educational needs co-ordinators (SENCOs); educational psychologists and examination officers.

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA), a new executive agency of the Department for Education, is now responsible for the development and delivery of all statutory assessments from early years to the end of Key Stage 3.

The National College for...
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