Destruction of Puritanism

Topics: Christianity, God, Saint Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: November 19, 2011
In the 1600’s many Puritans moved to America for religious freedom. For many years Puritanism flourished as a religion, but as the years went on, it began to self-destruct. Puritanism bore itself the seeds of its own destruction in its standards to become a “saint”, and their misogynistic standards.

Puritans believed everyone was to become a living “saint”. These “saints” basically ran their communities. Only the “saints” were allowed to vote, hold office, or really have any say in anything. To become a “saint” you had to admit all your sins to the community, which was very difficult and embarrassing. This caused many men to disagree with the process and didn’t care if they couldn’t vote or hold office. They believed that they could still remain loyal to god, without becoming a “saint”. The Puritans were divided on this, and weakened the group as a whole.

The Puritans misogynic values also led to the self-destruction of Puritanism. The Puritans limited the power of women, by not letting them preach, and this angered many. A good example of this is Anne Hutchinson. She held “bible meetings” for women, and eventually she was prosecuted for this. Many people didn’t agree with the rule, and this led to division among the Puritans.

Puritanism bore itself the seeds of its own destruction because of the problems with becoming a saint, and the opposition to their misogynic values. Puritans had good values individually, however Puritanism had to many flaws to be successful, and eventually self-destructed.
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