Destroying Avalon

Topics: Bullying, Friendship, Abuse Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: March 13, 2009
Written by the writer Kate McCaffrey Destroying Avalon uses the narrative techniques Direct Speech, Emotive language, Conflict, Point Of View, Actions and Expression to show the reader the issues of true friendship and the dangers of cyber bullying through her teenage characters.


Marshall knew that suicide was never the sensible answer, but thought it was the only one left remaining. He felt scared that his school life was never going to be any more manageable and that “…this is never going to end”. It’s through Marshall’s expression of thoughts and feelings that we come to understand Marshall’s personality.


For Avalon moving to a new school meant that she wanted to be accepted by her fellow students. Avalon knew “ was the greatest hurdle, trying to find a partner or make a friend.” Friendship was crucial for her survival as the kid from a small country town. It was a bit different for Tamara, Tamara never cared what people thought of her clothing. She wanted to be accepted for who she was behind her “oversized men’s jeans and ruby tops she normally wore.” Though Avalon and Tamara’s characters the reader learns how much acceptance means to people all over.


Friendship means everything to Avalon and Marshall, on Avalon’s first day of school she met Sukey and she made her feel welcome by asking her to “come and join my group”. New friendships must have been difficult for Avalon considering she is putting her trust and loyalty on the line. For Marshall he new his friendships with Sukey, Tamara and Jemima was stable. With the other students it was different, they were very judgemental about his actions. Through direct speech Marshal and Avalon show friendship means understanding another’s differences.


Marshall and Avalon felt appalled and disgusted when they knew that they were being sexual harassed by their friends and peers. They both didn’t think that it could happen to them. Marshall was...
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