Destroy You Enemy by Making Them Your Friend

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Tia Veltre
Destroy your enemy by making him your friend
While in high making school it wasn’t unexpected for my mother to see me storm in the door and throw my things to the floor saying,“ I can’t believe how much asinine drama there is in school”. My mother, just shaking her head always gave me the same advice; do unto others as you would have others do unto you. This famous saying goes hand in hand with the topic I have chosen; Destroy your enemy by him your friend. I wish to present this to future seniors of Derry Area High School. Hoping that the realization that I have discovered will help make their drama experiences a little smoother.

When I was a sophomore I became best friends with a girl named Amber. Month after month we were inseparable. Every weekend we spent at each other’s houses and even enrolled in the same sports teams in order to spend more time together. Then one day I made a discovery, Ambers other “best friend” Brittany wasn’t exactly happy to no longer be the center of attention. After that day rumors spread throughout the school. I was now presented as the dirty whore according to her. Trying to take my mom’s advice to heart I decided to approach Brittany. The next day of school I walked up to Brittany and simply said “hi, how are you today”. Astonished, Brittany took a step back. Almost as if she hadn’t heard what I said she stood with the most dumbfounded look on her face. Finally she stammered “good how are you?”. Our conversation proceeded to inviting her to my house for a movie night, and she agreed. Movie night turned out to run smoother than I thought. The next week in school there was no longer any tension between Brittany and I. All of the derogatory names disappeared shortly after.

My second experience would be with my longtime friend Jayar. After recently moving to Derry he was the first friend that I made. With me being a tomboy it has always come naturally easier...
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