Destiny Scam in the Year 2012

Topics: Bangladesh, Multi-level marketing, Fraud Pages: 5 (1695 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Finally Bangladesh government has decided to take action against the masterminds of fraudulent Multilevel Marketing Company Destiny 2000 Limited. Weekly Blitz run series of investigative reports on the illegal activities of this fraud racket for months, which finally prompted the authorities, concerned in initiating investigation into the activities of Destiny 2000 Limited and its sister concerns. It may be mentioned here that ex-chief of Bangladesh Army, Lt. Gen. Harun Ur Rashid is the chairman of this fraud racket while notorious fraud Mohammad Rafiqul Amin is its managing director. Anti-Corruption Commission will start investigation into series of allegations that they received from various people during past few months. It is learnt from the Anti-Corruption Commission source that the chairman of the commission has given instruction to immediately investigate the allegations of corruption, fraud and irregularities inside Destiny 2000 Limited and its sister concerns for the sake of public interest as well as interest of more than 6 million people who already has invested few billion Taka on various fake projects of this multilevel marketing fraud racket. It was already reported that the bigwigs of the Destiny Group, under the leadership of Mohammad Rafiqul Amin deceived billions of Taka, which they received from innocent investors by promising high-profit in a number of fake ventures such as tree plantation project under Destiny Tree Plantation Limited, properties under Destiny Developers Limited, Diamond Builders Limited, Destiny Builders Limited, Configure Housing Limited, Destiny SAASCO Properties Limited, Configure Engineering & Construction Company Limited etc. The bigwigs of the Destiny Group cashed hundreds of crores of Taka from the innocent investors by alluring them with high-profit promises in a number of fake ventures such as multi-storied commercial complex at Kakrail area in Dhaka; Destiny-Diamond Diplomatic Tower in Dhaka; 25-storied commercial centre at Barisal divisional headquarters; 25-storied commercial centre at Khulna divisional headquarters; Multi-storied commercial complex at Feni district; Commercial tower at Rajshahi divisional headquarters; Commercial complex at Rangpur divisional headquarters; Commercial complex at Sylhet divisional headquarters; Shares of Ananda-Chhanda Cinema Hall in Dhaka [the shares of this project were sold to more than 500,000 investors of Destiny Group against the value of TK. 20,000 each share] and Commercial space at 'Rajshahi Tower' at Rajshahi divisional headquarters. Destiny Group also sold shares of 300-bed "modern hospital" and medical centre at Dhaka's Darus Salam area under the banner of Destiny Medical College & Hospital Limited. It is learnt from dependable sources that the construction of this project could not begin as the property at Darus Salam area is litigated and the authorities concerned did not issue any permission to begin the construction of the medical college and hospital on this land due to non-availability of required documents to prove the undisputed ownership.It is also learnt that all of the properties purchased with the money from Destiny Group were registered in the personal names of Mohammed Rafiqul Amin, Mohammad Hossain, Sayeed Ur Rahman, Gofranul Hoque, Mesbah Uddin Swapan, Erfan Ahmed Sunny, Farah Diba etc. The government will not be able in confiscating these "private properties" even after appointing administrator in the Destiny Group, while some of the absconding bigwigs of the Destiny Group are trying to secretly sell these properties with the ulterior motive of smuggling out the received amounts to foreign countries. Meanwhile after hearing the news of Bangladesh Bank investigation teams report against the illegal activities of Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited and few of the fraudulent sister concerns of the Destiny Group, several offices of this fraudulent MLM racket were found shut down while the employees went...
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