Destination Marketing Report

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Destination Marketing Report

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When selling a destination image is everything. A destination is all about image. If people can crack the motivation for a place as a destination they would make fortune. This answer will firstly discuss the image of what exactly a destination is. Perceived images such as those seen on a picture perfect postcard can generate money. Both urban and rural tourism try to recreate this and sell the destination as a product. This will be analysed secondly.

Middleton (2001) defines a destination as the focus for a range of activities and a range of facilities required to support those activities. In other words the facilities in an area that act as pull factors to the tourist to attract them into the area.

There are five main components to what destination is. The five components Middleton refers to are attractions and environment, destination facilities and services, accessibility of the destination and the price of the destination. Any person who comes into the destination whether it is for a day visit or overnight stay can be impacted by any of these components. Gibson and Neilson (2000) refer to assessing price based on the functional, quality, operational, financial and personal benefits. If a place is a certain price the tourist may view the destination as high status.

The components that make up a destination can also act as the motivators for the destination. Natural attractions such as the sea and mountains which make up a destination can act as a physical motivator for the destination. The facilities and services which make up a destination can sell the destination as a cultural experience such as the restaurants and bars.

Middleton (2001) refers that it is important to note that a destination is not totally restricted to...
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