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By | November 2010
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Chapter - One
* Introduction
1.1 Background
1.1.1 Company Profiles
1.2 Rational
1.3 Aim and Objective
1.4 Research Question
1.5 Structure of Research


1. Introduction
1.1. Background:

Automobile Industry is one of the largest business sectors and also widely a competitive one. The first practical automobile engine was made by a Karl Benz in 1985 (Macaulay,D and Ardley,N) and now there are millions of automobile running on roads all over the world. The idea of this dissertation “Communication required maintaining quality during outsourcing process in an automobile industry” came from my home country India. India is the seventh largest vehicle producing country in the world, where China ranks first ( There are various companies competing with each other on many segments. These segments can vary from small family car, luxurious car, transport vehicle etc. In the form of manufacturer Toyota is the largest manufacturer in the cars and heavy bus segment. TATA Motors the Indian manufacturer which is indirectly related to this dissertation stands 19th on the worldwide manufacturer list. (

The automobile industry business is globally competitive and in order to survive any manufacturer must be able maintain the quality with new technology in a given period of time. Often this is not possible under one roof, so manufacturer either chooses to collaborate with each other on an international basis or they outsource their parts to other non-competitive organisation in their own region.

Outsourcing is a very old process going back to hundreds of year but it has been used recently somewhere in 1980’s. Outsourcing in the automobile industry goes back into 80-90 years back. The best example is of Ford motor which started practising it in the mid of 19th...

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