Desriptive Essay Arizona Sunset

Topics: Color, Desert, Sun Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Part 1 Descriptive Essay
The Color of Angels
As the orange sun lazily settles over the horizon on a cool spring evening . The sunset in Arizona's Desert is majestic. Red, orange and, purple slowly mix in the sky as If a painter was mixing them on a blank canvas. The pink marshmallow clouds glide though the kaleidoscope heavens. Just as if a band of angels were directing a big symphony of colors. Intermingling all the shades of red, orange and, purple until the the burst with exultation into the greatest melody ever heard. Just as the sun appears to rest on the ground the cool breeze blows the lavender from the blooming cactus ever so slightly until it engulfs everything. The shadows slowly creeping in from the disappearance of the symphony's conductor gives the desert animals their ques to join in choir. The birds chime in like the sweetest bells. The crickets a string quartet. And the tumble weeds percussion. All in perfect harmony giving peace to all that hear. As the shadows seem to be taking over the colors give way to a darkening sky. The purple is the first to go. With only red and orange left it seems that the angels are slowly going to bed. Next red disappears ever so slowly in the sky, now with only orange left. The angles are all resting soundly now. As the conductor disappears casually into the crisp night air. The shadows are all that's left. Giving the soul a feeling of emptiness as the night takes over way to soon. Leaving the imprint of one of the wonders created by mother nature herself. Also giving hope that tomorrow is a brand new day and a chance to write another masterpiece. Part II Narrate

Having a baby is a very scary experience. No matter how prepared you truly are you can never be mentally prepared. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was December 22,2000 the weather in Tucson was like every other December day I was on my way ti the hospital worried because they wee inducing me for labor later that day. I...
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