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In the short film Despair, Alfred Hitchcock's filming techniques are very evident. Alfred Hitchcock is known for using many different styles of filming which have influenced many directors since the early 1900s. The director of Despair uses Hitchcock's technique to build tension, add action, and keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Despair is a film of Elizabeth Bowen's "The Demon Lover."

The first example in the film is camera is not a camera. Jeffrey Michael Bays says, "The camera should take on human qualities and roam around playfully looking for something suspicious in the room" (2). He later says, “Without sound, filmmakers had to create ways to tell the story visually in a succession of images and ideas" (2). Like Hitchcock, the director of Despair uses this technique to add suspense as the actress approaches the letter on the table. Using this technique help the build to the major climax of the story.

The next example used is keep the story simple. According to Bays, "The key to creating that raw Hitchcock energy is by using simplistic, linear stories that the audience can easily follow" (4).The director of Despair does this by keeping the film short and continuously moving. The plot is easy to follow which makes "things griping to the audience" (4).

Another example of Hitchcock's style used in Despair is frame for emotion. The director uses this as the actress is running from the house toward the car by using a close up shot of her face. Viewers can almost feel the fear within the actress because of her eyes. Bay's says, "Emotion comes directly from the actor's eyes" (1). The director of Despair does this very well.

There were many other Hitchcock techniques used throughout the film Despair, but these were three of the most important ones. If the director had chosen not to use the techniques stated above, the film would have lacked suspense and a build to the major climax. As one can see the director of Despair did a great...
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