Desktops vs Laptops

Topics: Personal computer, Desktop computer, Laptop Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: March 11, 2013
When buying a computer most people have a hard choice choosing whether they want a laptop or desktop. Both laptops and desktops offer different things depending upon ones needs. In this essay I shall compare and contrast laptops, and desktops. Although they both are great for surfing the web there are some major differences when picking one, I shall explain the ins and outs of the two in order to help someone pick which would be best for them. A desktop is a stationary computer that range in both size and prices. Typical desktops are composed of a monitor, a computer tower, a mouse, and a keyboard. Desktops first received their name from the large tower which was meant to lay horizontal on a desk with the monitor resting on top. Placing it in such a way was meant to optimize space in the workplace. A desktop computer is meant for someone who would not need to move around a lot. Normally a desktop has the best graphic and sound processing upon the purchase of it, however sometimes upgrades are needed. Laptops can be vastly adaptable and beneficial, as far as being portable and having all the components built into the computer like the mouse, speakers, monitor, modem, and the camera. On the other hand, with desktop computers all of the components must be plugged in and even some components must be bought separately. Another thing about laptop computers is that they can be wireless, to the extent that your able to use the internet and also not have all the cables connecting your accessories and making a mess. With desktop computers to use the internet you must have an Ethernet cable connected to it or a phone line. Laptops are really useful for students because one can just pick the computer up go. Students don’t have to worry about finding a computer at school because it’s portable. Although laptops are portable, one still has to worry about it being lost or stolen. One must also have to concern there self about dropping their computer. Now with a desktop computer...
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