Desktop vs. Laptops

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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I will be comparing Desktop vs Laptops. Determining which one is best to have for the right price, size, quality, and looks. There is a big market now for laptop and not so much for desktops do to the fast growing technology we are using now. You will find the pros and cons of both desktop and laptops and can make a decision as to which will be right for your needs. First I will be comparing the desktops.

Desktops have a big disadvantage when it come to mobility. There are stuck in one place and can not be moved very easily. They have a lot more wires that have to be. Everything comes separate for example: monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You need a bigger space to use a desktop. Desktops usually do not come with Wi Fi so it means you always need a modem around to be connected to the internet. Desktop are bigger so the do not travel well when needed to get fixed or it cost more for someone to come to your house to fix them. Now with the way people depend on things, there are not many desktops around. Meaning there are more choices for laptops then there are for desktops

Laptops have few disadvantages to them. The do not come with a mouse and would have to buy one separate. Laptops are more delicate and can brake easily if dropped. It is harder to type on them because keyboards are usually smaller. You always have to have a power cord with you if bringing it somewhere because the power runs out on them faster. If you are not in a place that has a plug then your laptop will not work if not powered up. Laptops can be stolen more easier then desktops because the are more portable and smaller Desktop/Laptops3

The advantages of a desktop can be that they are better for businesses and are more durable then a laptop. You can buy more accessories for the desktop like, bigger monitors, different keyboards, and different mouses. Desktops are priced lower then laptops that have the same components or similar components. Desktops are easier to use compared...
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