Desktop vs. Laptops

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What is your thesis statement?

Desktops and laptops are nearly equally capable, both have comparable if not identical hardware, including CD-RW and DVD hard-drives as well as graphic processors for editing photos and gaming.

II. Difference between the two
a.Repairing computers
i.Desktops are easier to repair
ii.Desktops use standard parts

b.Laptops are filled with proprietary components
i.Consumers can’t service
ii.Any failure can out the computer out of commission

III. Computers modular designs
a.Desktops operate without noncritical components
i.Offer better sound
ii.More options for expansion
b.Laptops can be carried
i.You can use them anywhere
ii.More compact
IV. Selecting the right type
a.Desktops run faster
i.Speed range 2.4 gigahertz
ii.Include ample memory
b.Compaq and Gateway
i.Low prices
ii.Great for children
V. Can use in one location
a.Only a desktop
i.Removable storage
ii.Home networking
b.Virtual portable unit
i.USB memory keys
ii.Wireless networks
VI. Conclusion
Although both types of computers have comparable hardware, if not identical the performance is the same. Desktops have standard parts that can be replaced and laptops have a variety of parts that can’t be repaired. Laptops with integrated units cost less to repair. Desktops run much faster and they both include ample memory and hard-drive capacity. Compaq or Gateway computers have a low price and are great for children and a second home. Sony computers are costly and have a wider variety of enhanced features and multimedia components.
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