Desktop Virtualisation Risks/Rewards

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Executive Summary
Desktop Virtualization allows businesses create increased efficiency and productivity by providing them the flexibility to manage all the digital elements of their organisation from a central location. This report serves to define desktop virtualization and shed light on the benefits and risks of incorporating this software into the day to day activities of the IS Department of Birmingham International Airport (BHX). Concentrating on a few major desktop virtualization providers, this report will give a detailed summary of the value the software will bring to the airport as a business. Potential problems associated with integrating desktop virtualization into any establishment are also discussed and possible applications necessary to resolve and avoid them are highlighted. Should management consider taking on this software, further steps crucial to smooth switching and assimilation are outlined at the end of this report.

What Is Desktop Virtualization?
Desktop Virtualization is a means for accessing a 'desktop' from a plethora of devices linked by a hosted server central to the same data centre (Intel IT Centre, September 2011). This simply means that the contents of one or more computers are available to view and edit by users via another computer or similar device. Formats that desktop virtualization are available in include vDaaS (all virtualisation is implemented from the provider's cloud), hosted (virtual desktops are managed remotely from the providers data centre) and custom solutions (the hardware and software are retailed jointly and Birmingham International Airport will take on all implementation and management after the sale and "knowledge transfer" are completed. Needs Analysis

Desktop virtualization provides ease of access to systems for maintenance at any time. This provides a solution to one of BHX's primary needs - the lack of opportunity to access systems and perform an upgrade due to the constant chaos in the airport....
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