Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption 1

How the Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption

Isis Liu 036FM009

Raffles Design Institute

Academic Research And Communication Skills

Professor Joycelin Cruz

November 28,2012

Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption 2 Abstract
This study provides how desire stimulates fashion consumption. The research data already show what are the reason make person buy fashion products and how the desire influences their buying behavior. In the research, I have interview person who always focus on fashion. I designed 15 interview questions by myself and went to People Square to select the suitable person to answer all the questions. After the interview, according the data to analysis and prove my study how desire stimulates fashion consumption. People purchase and consume, not only to obtain basic products use value, more is self-expression, self-concept and identity desire through consumer to express and publicity. The desire of the enterprise marketing cannot only rely on the use value of the product; they should reach out to consumers to seeking emotional and psychological appeal. Not only needs to satisfy the consumer’s material interest and desire, to meet the consumer on the spiritual pursuit of the interests. Only in this way, can really use the desire to stimulate consumption.

Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption 3
How the Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption
Today's societies, with the development of economy, people’s basic needs are addressed, not worry about the problem of food and clothing, but more and more care about the personal image of the dress.” Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. And fashion consumption is kind of expense, a lifestyle and consumer culture.”( In consumer activity, fashion consumption to incarnate the public quest for material of follow and simulate non-physical objects. It’s also people who use fashion consumption psychology factors, and it is all about desire. The product we buy in the fashion consumption, we do not really demand in our life. Actually, we do not demand that many magnificent dresses, beautiful jewelry to keep our life. Except for the food which filling and the clothes which warming our body, these are demand in our life. And after that, people will have higher level need. In this paper, I will discuss how desire stimulates fashion consumption. In the research, I used the survey to understand the buying behavior and the reason of buying, the respondent who are always focusing on fashion and follow the new trend. According to the findings, connect my school study use the Maslow’s hierarchy of need to analysis.

Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption 4
Participants included 30 fashion peoples spend money on fashion product. There are included 20 females, 10 males. The volunteers did the research question when they went shopping in People Square (shopping mall). Materials

Interview has 15 questions. The purpose of the interview is to know what is the reason makes them to purchase the fashion product and how the desire influence customer-buying behavior. Every volunteer only need spend 6 minutes to complete the interview questions. The question design by myself, I have study NLP and COACH for one year, these courses are belong to system of psychology. Procedure

Most of the participants said, they like to choose in the weekend shopping. Common will also focus on fashion magazines, such as ELLE, VOGUE, learn more new trend information and find a suitable way to dress up. In addition, most respondents said they preferred and friends go shopping together, purchasing behavior and purchasing decision will also praised by peer influence. While in the luxury goods purchase, most women are very fascinating, into more...
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