Desigual Case

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  • Published: June 10, 2013
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Is the moment to GO to the online market with Desigual´s products. Online Sales method will definitely increase the company´s growth. The Case made us realize that is not evident for all companies to sell and have online Services. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce the answers of the assignment with a quote found in the commercialization notes: “make the purchase process as easy as possible for the customer”. Further we can assume that selling through the Internet will introduce the company to a new positive stage and mood; to the ICT world, nowadays part of our day-to-day.

Contribution and Impact:
1) What contribution will Internet sales make to the company’s growth, and what impact would have on Desigual’s corporate strategy? Online Shop will make our customers life easier, we can assume that selling through the Internet will increase the company´s growth, but also that is the moment to do it. Online sales make life easy! Contribution:  One actual, additional and innovative Main Raison d´être  Provide to potential customers access to 100% Desigual´s world  Provide the optimum basic conditions |Product, Service, time, Size, Quantity Distance | in the purchase to the Customer With just a Click  Make the sales Transaction from the point of view of the customers  New Channeling for Desigual Products  No risk in the distribution Channel  Minimum distribution points  The ICT will be part of Desigual Company every day in the common activities  Desigual is going to have a very important player in this path of Growing, with the Internet Sales: o The IT Team, the people who are going to allow the company to take this decision  We will have a clear vision with the Macro and Micro Functions: o MACRO: Placing the Desigual Product Online o Micro: Set a Date: (e.g., Choose products in Advance, Marketing Strategy, Post Online Web Site , Get Paid , Shipping"  We will have an advantage in the point of roles because with the online...
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