Designing a Website

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Designing a Website
Matt Hazlett
July 21, 2012

Several aspects must be considered when designing a website, and the most important ones that we have to consider include scope of the website, layout, compatibility, use of text, and secure mechanisms. Other than these, other aspects like navigation, links, graphics, and general design play an important role in the designing of the website. A more detailed look at the above aspects of designing the website is given in the bullets below: (Design Criteria for Kelsey Website)

* Scope of the website- The website should have a specific target before designing has begun. The scope should be set so as not become too congested, confusing, and hard to navigate for users. * The site layout- This should follow a chronological order which makes it easier to navigate. Use of heavy images and animations makes the pages take longer to load, and make potential viewers lose interest. * Compatibility of the site -When users log onto the site they should able to view it with every web browser. * Use of text –This should be easy for the customers to understand and be accurate as well as relevant. Provision for other languages should be considered if your site could possibly serve international users. * The site should be secure – This is a must, especially if it is a site that conducts business with the public and requires users to give up their personal information. Security measures should be in place to give users confidence in the site, as well as any other companies working with the site should be trusted. * Text on the website- should be big enough to read and the back grounds should not interrupt or make text invisible or hard to read. * Navigation buttons –These should be easy to understand, consistent throughout the whole website, and helpful for the user to know where they are as they run through the web pages on the site. * Links- These should be distinct, with the colors coordinating with those on the web page, and should also be underlined to make them clear to visitors. * For the graphics - Buttons should not be big, every graphic should have an alt label, graphic links should all have text links, graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors, and animated graphics should automatically turn themselves off. * Finally, the general design- should make page download quick, the first page and home page should fit into 800 x 600 pixel space. Graphics should be used also to break up large areas of text in the website breaking monotony, and every page in the site should carry distinct looks from the parent site or home page. Evaluating Web sites

To evaluate a website they are five basic criteria that should be followed to make the evaluation successful. These five basic criteria include accuracy of the site, authority, usefulness, how current, and presentation. * Make sure that the source and content of the site are accurate. This can be done by validating the information with more than one source. Make sure the facts on the site are documented and verifiable, the site contains a bibliography, copyright laws are respected, the site is up to date, links are appropriate and up to date, no significant information is omitted, an explanation of the research method is given, proper grammar and spelling is used, and the article is either not biased or is biased but in this case whether the article is fact or opinion should be made clear. * Authority of the site can be verified is by looking up the author, and publisher or sponsor of the site. An author should be clearly identified and known in the field or recommended by a well-known person in the field. Also, the author should be easily accessible with an e-mail or postal address. * Usefulness of the site can be determined by answering the questions about whether the site addresses a topic being researching, whether the information about a topic of research is comprehensive, and...
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