Designing a Reward System

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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Designing a Reward System
By: Kelly Hitt

A reward system in the human service organization is a great idea. Having a reward system can help boost morale and give employees something to look forward too and work harder to strive to get the reward that is being offered. When deciding to have a reward systems there are many things that need to be considered. Some things to be considered would be the nine major factors of motivation. These are respect for me as a person, good pay, chance to turn out quality work, chance for promotion, opportunity to do interesting work, feeling my job is important, being told by the boss that you did a good job, opportunity for self-development and improvement, and a large amount of freedom on the job. These things need to be implemented into the rewards system. Always give a person the respect that you would want from everyone you work with. Giving your employees respect makes them feel that they are just as important as everyone else and this will make them work harder. Good pay is also another way to get your employees to work hard. To do this raises should be given at certain times during the year and they should be based on performance. Make sure to give the employees the chance to turn out quality work. Do not set up the employees for failure. What I mean is do not give them a job that you know is impossible to get finished by a certain time because then that can possibly make them feel inadequate. Always leave the door open for promotions. Everyone likes to think that they can eventually move up to a better position with more money. Keeping good records of employees work performance can help make the decision on who is going to be promoted. Having a large amount of freedom will give the employee opportunity for self-development and improvement. Listen to the ideas of employees they are the ones that usually work closet with the customer. The bottom line is that if you implement these things into the reward system...
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