Designing a Reward System

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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Designing a Reward System

Designing a Reward System


The Human Service goal is to implement a rewards program that will encourage employees to go above and beyond their standard work ethics; for improvements within the organization to reach the intended goals at a faster and more efficient rate. The employee's performance will be the key element in determining who will receive the rewards. This will be done on a monthly basis and will be given to the employee who has produced the highest work performance. The managers of that department will choose a team leader who will work with the manager by helping to motivate the employees. A mandatory meeting will be schedule where every employee will be informed of the date that the reward system will begin and end. The rules and regulations for the reward system and a brief summary of how the reward system was decided on, each department will be recognized for its highest performer and will be determined accordingly. After the first month we will meet again to get employees input on the reward system and their views on it, to determine if changes need to be made to satisfy all employees. If you do not perform then you will not be considered for the reward. Managers of the department will be informing the workers on a weekly basis of their performance and how they are doing also where they need to improve in order to qualify for the rewards program. Assistance will be given to any employee who shows a need or ask for assistance and this will not count against the employee. It will be the manager's, team leaders and employee's responsibility to make sure that they are working at their highest level of performance.

Reward System

In developing a reward system, I took the steps of implementing employees survey, getting employee input with coming up with rewards that are both practical and rewarding to the employees. Keeping in mind that all employees' basic needs are met and that recognition...
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