Designing Green Electrical Energy Systems

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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Global Warming- The man made natural disaster is what it is getting famous as. The bottom of the oil barrel is also now visible. I feel the need to look beyond the most common energy-conversion systems is increasing day by day. Designing of clean and green electrical energy systems, by increasing efficiency, better power quality and many other innovations is what I am striving for. I am very sure that electrical energy systems have various applications from solar power to hybrid automobile engines. It’s a great adventure and I certainly want to be a part of it.

Designing of the technical models is what I find very interesting. During my college days I found myself very much attracted to the college tech fest each year. Twice I struck gold in those years. First when I single handedly designed a suspension bridge and later when it was subjected to the loads the result was there for every one to see. It landed me a first prize. Second occasion was a team event in which 3 people had to design a Sniper shooting system, wherein, a week long effort finally culminated us being the first prize holders. Such intensive creative work along with a team is what I will remember all my life.

During my undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics branch of xyz college subjects like Electrical Machines, Microprocessors, Power Electronics and Power Systems interested me the most. I am amazed by the potential of power electronics in the field of Energy Systems. I decided to do my final year project in the field of Electronics. It involved designing of “Dual buck full bridge inverter with hysterisis current control”. It helped me in understanding the importance of simulating the electronic circuits on software like PSIM and MATLAB. It also gave me the opportunity to implement the design on physical hardware for the first time. Reading through the journals helped me gain a lot of knowledge.

A two month long summer internship at the National Thermal Power...
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