Designing for Dollars

Topics: Design, Decision making Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Case Application
1. Would you characterize product design decisions as structured or unstructured problems? Answer:
It can be both. Product design is a balance of art and science. The structured decisions are those defined as recognizable and defined. Unstructured decisions are described as problems that are new or different For this, Whirlpool had no prior knowledge or procedure in place for the consideration of the amount (dollars) for design changes. As Chuck went ahead and created this process by starting groups to focus on changes as well as marketing this would be measured as an unstructured problem that Chuck made for Whirlpool. 2.Describe and evaluate the process Chuck went through to change the way design decisions were made. Describe and evaluate the company's new design decision process. Answer:

Chuck Jones wanted to change the design process to an approach backed by data instead of a return on the investment approach. When the resource team requested that Mr. Jones provide proof that his new design ideas would make profits he was unable at the time to give hard financial data to prove the design would pay off. Chuck Jones first step was to outsource and survey other companies that were similar in production and making of the product. He found out other companies which were only a few had a process for figuring out results for the future with previous performance. Mr. Jones needed to provide a new plan for measuring how customers would react to new changes. Good feedback from the public would equal possible future return on the investment that was requested by the research team. Therefore Whirlpool could and would focus on the needs of the customer. The company was now putting the customer first.
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