Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Sales Pages: 4 (1057 words) Published: March 7, 2011
SAAKA Farming World (SFW)

Team: Fadipe Adebola, Kathi Hensley, Alvin Ferdinand, and Shyam B. Mysore Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels

As part of the hospitality-vacation industry SFW will identify and develop a strong marketing channel system to make the product available to the target market. As a business in a nascent stage it is crucial to recognize partners for SFW’s long term growth and brand building. SFW will continue to focus on being a niche player in the hospitality-vacation industry in order to differentiate effectively in the market. It will be a high priority for SFW to emphasize brand building from the early phase of the business inception. Thus SFW will have a good leverage advantage to manage its partners in product delivery and sales. With a strong SFW brand it not only makes it easy to manage partners more efficiently but will also augment SFW’s brand worth by creating new mutually profitable partnerships.

SFW’s marketing channel will connect the target market segments of baby-boomers, schools and corporate events to the farm-stay vacation product offered at SFW’s farm venues in Oklahoma. The marketing channel will bring the customer in close proximity to the concept of the SFW’s farm-stay vacation product. SFW is a service oriented business with on-location tangible product in the form of accommodation. SFW’s partners in the business can be classified into those businesses who will aid in the sale of the product and other set of businesses that are part of infrastructure, service and maintenances. The marketing channel will involve those partners who not only make a sale to the customer but also include businesses that will inform the target market of the product.

SFW will evaluate the possible partners in the marketing channel in terms of product sales and product availability to prospective customers. SFW considers channel partner’s main role will be to generate sales but many of the partners have additional...
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