Designer Labels vs Fakes (Bulgaria) Commentary

Topics: Haute couture, Giorgio Armani, Culture of Bulgaria Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Designer labels vs. Fakes

(A Business Commentary)

It is nowadays, more than ever when the market is flooded with all kinds of fakes. That market is so immense especially in the small countries where people are underpaid and the grey economy is in power. Not only, is the desire for being dressed well driving these people to buy fakes, but also the public pressure to wear designer’s label. In Bulgaria there is unwritten rule which stands “the bigger the label the better”. And if you do so later on you become known in the public space as a “dude” or a “chick”.

Actually, this is a very typical characteristic of the Bulgarian culture. Due to the lack of money in the most families and the national ambition always to be the first and the best in everything, Bulgaria has become one of the best markets for fakes. There are tons of business people in Bulgaria who have their own Malls and they see the perfect opportunity to sell these fakes there as a genuine goods. Moreover, they order trucks full of fake designer clothes and then distribute them on the market as a genuine. According, to many trustful sources a pair of fake jeans of the designer’s label Giorgio Armani costs somewhere between two and four dollars on the black market.

Nevertheless, people have to think before act and in Bulgaria’s case think well before buy. People that are buying these fakes are not reasonably thinking what their actions are causing. On the one hand, a brand is something that has been built for many years and wearing an exact brand has its message over the people. On the other hand, when one is buying an imitation, he or she is getting something that cannot stand up on its own as a product of quality or something which has had its true market price hyped up because it appears to look like something it isn't. Often, these goods are of poor quality which is why they are cheap in comparison to the originals.

Furthermore, buying all these imitations is bad for our national gross...
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