Designer Babies

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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The essay “Building Baby from the Genes Up” by Ronald M. Green explains how in the future, parents might be able to design the genes of their future baby. Green supports genetic engineering of embryos, “why not improve our genome?” (549). He thinks that with the process of in vitro and preimplantation, it could eliminate disease or confer desirable features onto our future. Some medical professionals is concerned about the effect of genetic selection in parenting, Green said “The critics concerns may be less troublesome than they appear”, he thinks that parents will not love their children any less in the quest of perfection, and any kids will not be pressured to live up to perfectionist and expectation.

The advancing knowledge in genetic engineering make it possible to design the genes to make a “perfect new born”, like how he/she will look like. Also, the possibilities of diminishing illness and disabilities via genetic technologies are what Green is trying to explain. Even though the process gives the parents “perfect child” how would you feel that your child is not made up of your genes; instead, it is someone that might not be even related to you? In my opinion, the processes are dangerous, what if there is a misapplied of genes? What going to happen next? Try again? This is something that we shouldn’t tolerate, because it’s not right. People should be just happy of what God gives to us, because it’s a gift. All the things that Green said that the diseases that we can prevent on having, like obesity, are something that we have control over. It can be passed along the genes of your kids, but there are ways to prevent it to happen, like eating balanced diet or preventing fast food chains. The diseases like obesity, diabetes, and etc are just common sense, since we have high technology today, we can find ways to avoid this to get worst. So, what if parents want a beautiful kid and he/she might turn out being not looking alike with his/ her parents? I think...
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