Designer Babies

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Designer Babies: Creating the Perfect One.

In the last few years, scientists have invented different methods for fertility, such as medicines, donors, In Vitro Fertilization, and many others. Methods like these are for men and women who are infertile. In Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake, Crake has figured out a way to keep a lot of things away from the Crakers, like where they came from and why they are different from snowman. Science technology is growing every day in Crake’s “Paradice” lab. In today’s world scientists are discovering a way to create a parent’s “dream come true” in labs, in many different countries. Though readers may think that a designer baby is purely fiction, it is actually not so far off from our reality.

Many people do not have a clue what a designer baby is, what features they can have, or how the process works. A designer baby is formed in a lab, starting in a test tube. The babies are created to lower the risk of a disease or disorder. When going into a fertility clinic to design a baby, start with the gender, hair color, eye color and then decide the variations (Steere). “Bring your partner, grab a seat, pick up your baby catalog and start choosing” (Steere). Everyone’s DNA is different, carrying features from mom, dad, and grandparents, which are what makes the foundation of a person.

Working with science, implanting genes, and giving parents their “dream child” can be more difficult and turn into controversy like Atwood says in her novel. While merging chemicals, something good can instantly turn bad. A gene that scientists are using for designer babies is called NR2B which is for intelligence. On the other hand NR2B can be affected with the body not being able to fight off illnesses or heal itself (“Genetics”). Also, the screening method was started so doctors could tell on the ultra sound if the baby would have a defect and the parents could choose what they wanted to do, but not every test can be true....
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