Designer Babies

Topics: Genetics, Human, Gene Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Genetic Engineering: What are the Pros and Cons?
In the next decade the technology to design children’s genetic traits will become available. People will have the power to engineer their children to be smarter, stronger, taller, and even predetermine the gender. This technology is referred to as Eugenics, but the products are commonly called designer babies. Although this technology isn’t entirely available it is causing quite the debates. Which leads many people to think: what are the pros and cons to genetic engineering? According to Stephen Baird, “Some will curse these new technologies, sounding the death knell for humanity, envisioning the social, cultural, and moral collapse of our society and perhaps our civilization. Others see the same technologies as the ability to take charge of our own evolution, to transcend human limitations, and to improve ourselves as a species” (13). The cons to most people seem to be more obvious. Choosing the fate of children is extremely expensive, which could lead to huge imbalance between the rich and the poor. Genetically enhancing will only lead to more discrimination, especially to those born naturally. Since this technology is not perfected yet, it may lead to experimenting with human life. Designer babies can cost thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars which is not available to everyone. Allowing only the rich to participate in something like this could lead to a huge imbalance in our society. If the only the rich can make their children smarter or more athletic, these enhances will give them a huge chance to be more successful, ultimately creating a never ending chain, making only the rich richer and poor poorer. According to Brandon Keim “The idea that it could be accessible to everyone is specious. We can’t even get universal childhood vaccinations. We hope now that we’re going to get expanded coverage and health care, but to think we’ll supply fertility treatments to everyone, not just people with...
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