Designer Babies

Topics: Genetics, Morality, DNA Pages: 3 (365 words) Published: March 30, 2008
Designer Babies

Couples help out one another when it comes to making decisions

whether its deciding on dinner or picking out floor plans for a new home. But

now technology has a way for couples to pick out there babies genetics and

design there perfect baby. "Designing babies using genetic enhancement is an

issue that is gaining attention in the news." ("Debating 'designer babies'") This

controversial issue, is causing people to think about moral issues surrounding

genetic enhancement. Even though this technology can help with learning and

preventing diseases and birth defects, "it is unethical to use this technology to

create 'designer babies' with enhanced appearance and physical ability's."

("Debating 'designer babies'")

Opponents of the liberal argument for enhancement argue that "there

are morally significant differences between upbringing and genetic enhancement."

("Designer Babies and the Pro-Choice Movement") Some doctors and scientists

believe that by genetically enhancing embryos our "descendents" may change to

such an extent that they will lose their humanity. According to Francis

Fukuyama, an influential author, "environmental influences operate only within

limits set by genes", which means that even strong education programs leave

their subjects humanity "intact." ("Debating 'designer babies'") "Designer babys

price for their super intelligence will be the experiences that give human lives

meaning." ("Pros and cons of genetic enginering")

Although people believe that by altering a baby’s genetics they are “playing

God" or that it’s “morally wrong”, most people agree that eliminating the chances

that your baby might have diseases or birth defects is worth while. ("Pros & cons of

Genetic Engineering") This new genetic technology not only ensure that your baby

will be healthy but it can "ensure that children will have the traits that there parents...
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