Designated Smoking Areas Needed for College Campus

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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College campus’s are in need of an area for those who smoke to do so in a safe environment. Right now the only place for us to go is the unsafe streets surrounding the campus. Although smokers choose an unsafe habit, it is their right to do so in a safe area. It is the college’s duty to provide this safe place. It is estimated that 28.5 % of college students are smokers ( There has been an increase in colleges and other corporations to have smoking bans, it is their belief that faculty and students will quit smoking. The main cause of doing away with smoking on campus is also to provide a place where second hand smoke is not an issue for those who choose not to light up. I agree that those who choose not to smoke should not be endangered by the actions of others. It is not fair to abolish smoking all together, there must be middle ground.The perfect solution is to construct a few sites on campus away from buildings and crowds for the smoking students. There is no evidence to show a decline in smoking after banning tobacco use. Tobacco use is a habit, not an easy thing to quit. If universities primary goal is to rid students of smoking then they are on the wrong path. More effect methods would be to provide smoking cessation products, counseling, and support groups. There is a way for a campus to be accepting of all professors and students. The main concern is the safety of the students. If smokers are having to leave the safety of the campus to smoke they are put at a higher risk to be assaulted, raped, or robbed. Most smokers who live in dorms are going to leave their room for a smoke before going to bed. Putting a student on the street in a rough neighborhood late at night, sets themselves up to be a victim of a crime. A student should not have to choose between their right to smoke and their safety. Banning smoking on a college campus is asking them to do this. Safety should be the first priority for the staff and students. In the past 30 days there...
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