Design a Website for a Specified Organisation to Meet Stated Purposes for a Defined Target Group;

Topics: Economics, Time, Term Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: February 15, 2013
P4 – Unit 34
Business Objectives
Websites are used in many different businesses nowadays, yet they aren’t exactly needed in some. They will benefit a business if they are put in place in order to achieve their aims, which generally is to make a profit. The ways in which they can achieve their aims is done by ensuring that the business analyse how exactly they will achieve their aims on a whole and identify the certain objectives that they have in order to be a successful business. The business that I am going to study is Kells Lane Fish Bar, which is located on Low Fell in Gateshead. The business has been up and running for 21 years now and was put there in order to offer a traditional fish shop menu to anyone who entered the shop. The business offers to sell products to many customers, in which this means they will respond to the demand of the customers and therefore are part of a business to consumer relationship. At this current time the fish shop doesn’t actually have a website for their business however there are plenty of ways on the internet to which you can find the number for the shop. I feel that it would be very beneficial to the business if they were to open up a website as it allows for a lot more customers to see the existence of the business and as well as this I feel that if they were able to put on an ordering service for example then the shop would be flowing a lot easier and would perhaps again lead to more customer attention.

-Explain business objectives
-Describe smart objectives (GET THEM LATER ON, OFF OTHER DOCUMENT) There are a few key objectives for the fish shop, the first being survival, since the business has been running for 21 years it has seen many different economic reactions by the UK, for example being in a recession and a boom. The business will have been through bad and good times over the years but as more and more fish shops begin to run it means that Kells Lane fish bar will have to then offer a few more products or...
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