Design a Juvenile Correctional Facility

Topics: Crime, Corrections, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Design a Juvenile Correctional Facility

Building a juvenile facility is not an easy job. Juvenile facility is a place for youth criminals who have committed some type of crime to do correction. If I can get a chance to design how a juvenile correctional facility looks like and how it operates. I would like to create a juvenile facility for female. There are few factor we need to consider in making the decision to build a new jail. First, we should advocate human sympathy, a juvenile facility or a jail doesn’t’ have to be old, dirty, without design or full of hopeless atmosphere. A juvenile facility is suppose to encourage those criminals to correct, face their problem, re-enter the community, and created success in life. In the 20th centuries, with the technological advances, internet became necessity in human’s life. Criminals may learn through the internet, we should provide those criminals computers in their own room and let them learn and read news by themselves. But we need to limit their use of computer too. We should provide some entertainment such as Television. Criminals need to know what’s happening in the world now. If I were the president, I would bring a new concept about the judicial system and the way jail and juvenile facility looks and works. Jail and juvenile facility need a new and fresh design. Nowadays, we don’t have to follow the tradition, we should be creative. It's a new generation that understands the need for change. Although, different groups of people in the society may not agree with this new idea and plan. They may not support this idea because government needs to put money on this program which may not benefit for them. As Allen R. Beck, Ph.D stated “1983 was a milepost that signaled a departure from nearly 200 years of jail design philosophy. In that year the concept of direct supervision was formally recognized by the National Institute of Corrections, NIC. Subsequently, the concept and its design implications were...
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